What are the different kinds of ballet shoes and how to choose which one to go for?

Dancers put in countless hours of practice and dedication to perfect their craft before they can grace the stage with their elegance and poise.

It's crucial to pick the correct pair of ballet shoes for your feet's comfort and support needs.

Ballet dance shoes, after all, are meant to be an extension of the dancer's line and form, so if they aren't comfortable, it'll be tough to pull off the required steps.

As the experience level of the dancer is a major factor in determining the appropriate footwear, not all dance shoes are acceptable for all dancers.

To help you figure out which one is the best for you, we have made a list of different types of ballet shoes. We'll go over the pros and cons of each one.

Types of ballet shoes

  1. Split Sole Ballet Shoes

In contrast to traditional ballerina pumps, those with a "split sole" include a sole that is divided in two.

The back of the shoe is usually made of leather or suede, while the front of the shoe, from the ball of the foot to the toes, is covered in a much bigger piece.

The bottom of split-sole ballet shoes is made of a soft material that offers protection to the foot, and it is divided into three sections: a heel pad, a toe pad, and a soleless area in the middle.

Because of this design element, split sole ballet shoes allow for a great deal of movement, reducing the likelihood of damage. 


  • If you have more leeway in where you can put your feet, you'll find it much easier to walk.
  • Grip enhancement on wet and rocky surfaces.
  • Ground the user more effectively, which is fantastic for dancers.


  • Lowered arch support
  • Bad for outdoor use
  • As a whole, split sole shoes need to fit appropriately, as being too loose might limit their flexibility and being too tight can be painful.

Always put in some practice time in the shoes before a performance to check how they feel and how you can move your feet (especially if you plan on pointing or bending your toes).

  1. Full Sole Ballet Shoes

Beginners in the dance world should start using full sole ballet shoes, in which the sole (often made from suede or leather) runs the entire length of the shoe.

As an added bonus, these make the dancer engage the foot and muscles while gaining strength in the feet and legs, which is essential for learning and remembering advanced skills.

However, even the most seasoned dancers may opt for full sole ballet shoes due to the extra support they provide.


  • When just starting out, the resistance offered is a great way for dancers to develop muscle.
  • Supple and relaxing
  • Effects total foot manipulation Slim and light 


  • It's not sophisticated enough for professional dancers.
  1. Ballet Pointe Shoes

To protect the feet and ankles, dancers who execute point work should use ballet pointe shoes, which are often only worn by very seasoned ballerinas.

These shoes are tailored specifically to the foot, making them ideal for ensuring that every step is precise.

What's fantastic is that dancers can appear weightless on their feet thanks to these shoes, and if you can master balance precisely on your toes, your dance will undoubtedly be mesmerising.

While the rest of the shoe is often constructed from leather, cotton, or satin, the pointed toes of ballet pointe shoes are really formed from densely packed layers of cloth and cardboard stiffened by glue to give it that sturdy appearance.


  • Superb bolstering and ease
  • Facilitates stability


  • Required breaking into
  • In some cases, wearing them for a long duration can cause big-toe pain.

Choosing the best ballet shoes

  • The fabric

The fabric plays an important role in ballet dance shoes. There are a lot of different fabrics that ballet shoes come in. Pick the right fabric according to your comfort.

  • The fit

Like the fabric, the fit of ballet shoes is also very important. They should fit perfectly so that you can dance properly. Ballet shoes with poor fit will make it very difficult to dance.

  • Price and fit balance 

Pricing is also one factor that should be considered while picking ballet shoes. The shoes should be priced according to their fit and finish. However, paying a premium price for certain brands doesn't hurt much as you get a trusted product.

Concluding Thoughts

After reading this, you should feel confident choosing the right pair of ballet shoes for your dance style and skill level. You can buy girl's ballet shoes from various offline outlets as well as online ones. 

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Talk to your dancing instructor if you're still having trouble deciding which ones will work best for you.